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Guy Richmond Place, Hobden House, and Elliott House

Guy Richmond Place (GRP), Hobden House (HH), and Elliott House (EH) are community-based residential facilities (CRF) which operate under contract with the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) and provide housing to individuals on conditional release from federal and provincial correctional institutions. The facilities provide stable home environments with added structure for individuals as they reintegrate into the community, and assist residents in navigating obstacles that they experience as they transition to independent living and meet their needs as contributing members of the community. Residents are provided with the necessary support to assist in coping with challenges, and the supportive home environment is designed to assist residents to prepare for more independent living and meet their needs as contributing members of the community. Persons residing in the facilities receive individualized care through supportive relationships, the development of personal plans, and the establishment of healthy community supports. All residents are subject to both general and specific conditions of release, and community safety is ensured through 24-hour staff who provide structure, monitoring, and support.


Elliott House is located in Abbotsford and can accommodate up to 25 residents 62
Guy Richmond place is located in Vancouver and has a maximum occupancy of 18 65
Hobden House is a 17-bed residence located in Surrey 59

East 3rd Residential

The East 3rd Residential program was developed to provide a structured living environment and community supports for adults who are under the care of Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) with supervision orders which require 24-hour monitoring. The program provides innovative and individualized alternatives to the traditional justice and forensic systems, and residents are supported to achieve community integration through a customized model of housing and support. East 3rd provides monitoring for safe living in the community, and person-centered plans through which residents can learn the skills necessary to be responsible, independent, contributing members of society within the parameters of their supervision orders.



Miller Block

Miller Block provides stable and supportive housing for people experiencing, or at risk of experiencing homelessness who also have co-occurring barriers such as a developmental disability, active substance use, ongoing mental health, and social and criminal justice issues. The residential program provides a housing opportunity where residents can participate in a rich social community that embraces differences, and promotes the active participation of each resident. Miller Block acts as a pivotal building block towards long-term sustainable housing by leveraging community, creating effective programming, and supporting people with life-skills. Miller Block works in partnership with CLBC, and by blending a housing first and person-centered approach to peoples’ lives, supports people with the opportunity to establish themselves in a community that is welcoming, supportive, and safe.


Included in Community Living Outreach

Vancouver Apartments

The Vancouver Apartments program provides a home setting with 24-hour support to residents supported by CLBC. The program assists residents to acquire the social, educational, or vocational upgrading which will enable them to thrive in less structured independent living arrangements. Vancouver Apartments provides intensive living assistance and skill building to promote independence, and activities focus on community participation, inclusion, and removing barriers and stigma to accessing essential supports.



Willow Place

Willow Place is a supervised shared home option dedicated specifically to assisting adult women with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) who receive supports from CLBC. Individuals may also live with compound effects of trauma, violence, mental health, and addiction. The goal of the program is to provide an environment that is safe and secure, supportive of individual growth and development, and focused on individual needs.






The Home Share program is a residential option in which an adult with a developmental disability shares a home with someone who is contracted to provide ongoing, individualized support. For some, this is a step towards greater independence, while for others it is a lifelong living arrangement. The person-centered nature of the program allows individuals to select a home share provider and home environment that meets their unique goals and preferences. Support is flexible, and evolves according to the individuals’ changing needs.



Tims Manor

Tims Manor is an affordable housing option for individuals in the Abbotsford community who may face multiple barriers and challenges to living more independently in the community. Six two-bedroom units are designated for individuals supervised by CSC, and four two-bedroom units are designated for individuals who are struggling to find affordable housing and are at risk of homelessness. Residents receive the onsite support of an outreach worker who connects individuals to additional community resources in the Abbotsford area, and provides additional assistance for independent living based on resident needs and goals.



Fraser Street Apartments

Fraser Street Apartments is our newest housing development, which includes 8 bachelor suites – 5 units designated for CLBC funded individuals, and 3 units rented out as affordable housing. By blending a housing-first and person-centered approach, Fraser Apartments enhances our ability to support people and acts as a foundation to long-term sustainable housing, while fostering a community where people can belong. The residence serves a wide demographic of people living with multiple barriers to housing, including areas of developmental disabilities, substance use, homelessness, and mental health, and provides an opportunity for tenants to establish themselves in a community that is welcoming, supportive, and safe.





Homelessness Prevention Program

The Homelessness Prevention Program (HPP) aims to connect individuals who are homeless or at risk of homelessness with safe, affordable housing. HPP Outreach staff work with individuals to assess their needs, assist with personal goals, and connect with stable accommodation and appropriate services. The HPP program provides individuals with tenancy support and skills training, follow up and ongoing support to tenants, works to build and maintain relationships with landlords providing housing, and provides education and resources to landlords to support and maintain tenancies, as appropriate. HPP rental supplements for eligible individuals assist with securing and maintaining housing in the community.



Homelessness Partnering Strategy

The Homelessness Partnering Strategy (HPS) aims to prevent and reduce chronic and episodic homelessness among individuals being released from provincial institutions by connecting them to safe, suitable, and permanent housing. Our HPS team provides intensive case management to address the complex needs of the people they support, and works to connect individuals to community resources that will enable them to maintain long-term housing and end the cycle of homelessness.



Bridge to Housing

The Bridge to Housing Program (BTH) aims to reduce and prevent homelessness in the Metro Vancouver area. The program provides a wraparound approach by supporting individuals being released from federal institutions on their sentence expiry by locating potential safe, permanent housing opportunities and maintaining this housing to promote long term stability in the community by making connections to various community resources that meet identified individual needs.


Included in HPS