Homeless Prevention Program

JHSLM Homeless Prevention Program (HPP) Outreach services are provided in the communities of Vancouver and Chilliwack, directly engaging people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness by working with them to assess their needs, assisting with personal goals, and connecting individuals and families with stable accommodation and appropriate services. The HPP program provides individuals with tenancy support and skills training, follow up and ongoing support to tenants, works to build and maintain relationships with landlords providing housing, and provides education and resources to landlords to support and maintain tenancies, as appropriate. HPP rental supplements for eligible individuals assist with securing and maintaining housing in the community.

# of individuals served = 102

Eligibility Criteria for HPP (Percentages)

  • Aboriginal Descent
  • Youth at risk
  • Women fleeing violence
  • Leaving health care
  • Leaving correctional

Rental Supplement Distribution (Percentages)

  • Home Start-Up
  • Rent Subsidies