“I have been a resident of Elliott House for 18 months, my 4th shot at Day Parole. I had served 36 years of a life sentence 20 years before that. I’ve battled alcohol and drug addiction most of my life and had problems with authority as well. These issues have been the biggest contributing factors in my parole violations.

The program here at Elliott House has been instrumental in some important changes I have made in my attitude and view of life in the community. There are rules and authority figures here of course but, the overall attitude of Elliott House Staff has made it very easy for me to comply and adjust to a community minded way of life. The Elliott House program is extremely beneficial to those of us who have had enough of prison and now seriously desire change. It is my belief that if every halfway house operated the way Elliott House does, there would be a lot less animosity towards the system and a lot more willingness to make the adjustment from prison to the outside world.

The Elliott House program is not for everyone getting out of prison but, for those of us who have the sincere desire for positive change, it is a great opportunity. For my own part, this program (and the people who run it) have given me the best opportunity I’ve been given in many years for a chance at a normal life.”

Thank you Elliott House,

–         Dave*

Like a classic car, Dave is a classic representative of the of the “old school Lifer”. He’s spent decades in Federal institutions and has attempted Day Parole multiple times. He’s witnessed a lot of societal change in his life time but, in small bursts. From the sounds of his statement about our program, you may assume that Elliott House opened his eyes to making life changes he previously hadn’t considered. Nothing could be further from the truth. Since Dave wanted to express how he sees us, this statement is to express how the staff team here see Dave.

If you ask him, Dave will talk about his dedication to the AA / NA community, he’ll tell you about the people he sponsors, the young man he writes to in the institution to motivate him to change, the church he attends, and his reverence for his indigenous heritage. It’s fair to say that Dave has spent a third of a life time taking himself apart and trying to rebuild himself to be the person he wants to be. Despite long periods of incarceration and the influences of prison life pulling him towards anti-social tendencies, Dave has remained dedicated to his self-work, regardless of set backs. It’s only his most recent attempts that involve Elliott House.

Since becoming a resident of the Elliott House program, Dave has had to sort out the difference between modern community living and the way he’s had to live as an inmate. He’s also had to sort out the difference between how “Con Dave” feels when he’s put in unexpected stressful situations, and how “Community Dave” stays positive, prosocial, and connected to those around him in meaningful ways

Dave is an example of someone who has grown as a person through his own hard work, his own honesty, and his resiliency. The team at Elliott House recognizes his hard work, and the struggles he faces that we can be aware of but, not truly understand. Elliott House is a stable platform of support for Dave, where he can work through the things he faces on a daily basis, and sort them out. The staff here consider it a privilege to walk with him when asked, and step back with humility when he wants to walk on his own. We believe that is what has helped him help himself.

–    The Elliott House Team