UBC Faculty of Dentistry – Community Dental Hygiene Clinics at the Vancouver CSO

This year we continued our partnership with the University of British Columbia Faculty of Dentistry to provide free community dental clinics from September to March. The clinic aims to address the barriers that marginalized populations may face in accessing dental hygiene services, and provide needed dental services. Individuals can book appointments, receive referrals to low cost clinics and other supportive services, and are provided follow up support in accessing resources and maintaining oral health.

Dental hygiene services, delivered by UBC students and overseen by clinical instructors, are delivered to individuals at our Vancouver Community Services Office (VCSO) every Wednesday from September to April, with appointments offered at 10am, 12pm, and 2pm each day. In the September 2017 – April 2018 semester, the dental hygiene clinics at the VCSO hosted four students who were able to provide services to 48 individuals. Clinic clients are not only able to receive hygiene services, but also received access to hygiene aids (toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, and denture brushes), resources, and ongoing support.

The clinics also provided JHSLM staff with information and resources to enhance our ability to support individuals in accessing oral health services. Dental students provided educational sessions for our staff, volunteers, and practicum students which included information and strategies to support clients in accessing dental care from low cost clinics.

The opportunity to share our space for the community dental clinics has been a pleasure, and our collaboration with the UBC Faculty of Dentistry has allowed us to provide much needed services to the individuals we serve and our community.

For more information on the UBC Dental Hygiene Clinics, contact our CSO at vancouvercso@jhslmbc.ca or 604.872.5471 ext. 222

Canada Revenue Agency – Income Tax Clinics at the Vancouver CSO

In partnership with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), we were able to continue to offer income tax preparation clinics through our Vancouver Community Services office throughout this year. The clinic is available on a droff-off basis to any individual accessing services through the JHSLM, and clinic clients are supported throughout the process by CRA tax volunteers and JHS staff.

In addition to drop-off services at the Vancouver CSO, CRA tax volunteers assist with the completion of tax returns for individuals who are incarcerated in provincial and federal correctional institutions, who are referred to the CSO through our federal Reintegration Worker and Homelessness Partnership Strategy (HPS) teams.

In the 2017-18 year, we had 3 CRA tax volunteers donate over 100 hours of time at the Vancouver CSO. While February – April is the busiest time for the clinic, we have secured a volunteer year-round to assist individuals in completing their tax returns. For more information about the CRA Tax Clinics, contact our CSO at vancouvercso@jhslmbc.ca or 604.872.5471 ext. 222