Inspiration Growth and Teamwork

Our 2017-18 year has been a year of exciting growth, collaborative teamwork, and continued inspiration. We have expanded our programs and services to fit the needs of the people and the communities we serve, worked together to provide quality services to the individuals we support and our employees, and revitalized our Mission, Vision and Core Values to reflect our vision of a safe, healthy, and inclusive community for all.

Highlights of Our 2017-2018 Year

Our Story

From our beginnings in 1929 – when a small group of citizens in Vancouver came together with the hope of effecting change and improving the unjust social conditions in their community – through the almost 90 years of John Howard Society program delivery in our region, we have been working towards our vision of a safe, healthy, and inclusive community for all.

We continue to be inspired by the people and communities we serve, and work to strengthen community by contributing to public safety and creating environments where everyone can feel welcome and respected. We are determined to be resilient in our advocacy and provide services that promote community inclusion, build healthy relationships, and contribute to meaningful long-term impact for the people we serve.

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We are so proud of our accomplishments, and hope that you will share in our pride as we look back and reflect on our 2017-18 year.

Inclusive ∙ Accountable ∙ Person-Centered ∙ Collaborative ∙ Determined

Our Inspiration - the People & the Communities We Serve

Dafina's Story

During the last ten years, Dafina has worked hard to overcome the barriers she has experienced. While her journey hasn’t been easy, Dafina has come such a long way and achieved so many of her goals. From her past struggles to maintain safe housing and employment, to her newfound passion for attending school and her job in a restaurant, Dafina is able to reflect on her path, celebrate her successes, and look to her future with optimism.

Dafina has now lived at Vancouver Apartments for almost 8 years, and is known for her constant willingness to help out those around her and show caring and support to her fellow residents.

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A Letter to Jennifer

Over the last few years, we have gotten to know Jennifer through her outreach workers and more recently as a resident at Miller Block. Jennifer is shy at first and takes time to open up to people, but she is slowly building connections in the community that allow her to make changes in her life. Jennifer grew up as a child in care and has a history that includes complex trauma, substance use, and violence. Having a home that is removed from the Downtown Eastside where she has spent a good amount of her adult life has given Jennifer the ability to see alternative futures for herself.

We are very proud of the work Jennifer has been doing to overcome the challenges in her life and are grateful to be able to support her in her journey.

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Dave's Story

“I have been a resident of Elliott House for 18 months, my 4th shot at Day Parole. I had served 36 years of a life sentence 20 years before that. I’ve battled alcohol and drug addiction most of my life and had problems with authority as well. These issues have been the biggest contributing factors in my parole violations.”

Since becoming a resident of the Elliott House program, Dave has had to sort out the difference between modern community living and the way he’s had to live as an inmate. Dave is an example of someone who has grown as a person through his own hard work, his own honesty, and his resiliency. The team at Elliott House recognizes his hard work, and the struggles he faces that we can be aware of but, not truly understand.  

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Our 2017-18 year was one of exciting growth - from the opening of our new Fraser Street Community Services Office, to the expansion of our amazing staff team, to the new programs and services we introduced, it has been a busy (and fun) year!


Our organization has experienced a great deal of growth in the last few years – from new buildings and new staff, to the expansion in existing programs and the introduction of new services to support the individuals and communities we serve.

This year, we took some time to look within. We wanted to take a moment to stop and review, and ensure that the plans and statements that lead our organization reflect the positive growth and changes that we have experienced.

We conducted a midterm review of our five-year strategic plan, which was developed in 2015 and created a balanced scorecard to outline our strategic goals and priorities for the coming year.

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As part of the process, we revisited our Mission, Vision, and Core Values. With our positive growth and changing programs, it is important to the organization that our vision, mission, and core values evolve alongside the changes.

Our new defining statements embody who we are and why we exist. They represent us, and the values that are at the core of our organization.

They describe our vision of a perfect future, and explain what we are doing to work towards that vision.

We’re so excited to share them with you!


A safe, healthy, and inclusive community for all


We strengthen communities by supporting people experiencing barriers so they can achieve independence



We create an environment
where everyone can feel welcome and respected


We are responsive, take responsibility for our actions,
and honour our commitments


We adapt our approach to the individual
and use empathy and compassion in all of our interactions


We engage and work closely with others – both within
and outside our organization


We are passionate, do not shy away from tough challenges,
and respond to setbacks with a renewed drive to succeed

The Communities We Serve

The John Howard Society of the Lower Mainland’s region spans from the border to Squamish, from the coast to Boston Bar.

Throughout our region, we strive to provide programs and services that are responsive to the needs of the people and the communities we serve, and work collaboratively in our community partnerships as we strive to create safe, healthy and inclusive communities where everyone can feel welcome and respected.

Our New Fraser Street Office!

After a long wait, we were so excited to open our new Fraser Street Community Services Office to our staff and the community in June 2017!

We’re pleased to report that our first year in our new Fraser Street building has surpassed our expectations. The new space offers a collaborative staff workplace, walk-in social service center, and 8 newly renovated affordable housing units.

With our new Community Services office we have been able to expand our programs and services, and provide a community space focused on building a strong, inclusive community that advocates for and assists community members with complex barriers.

We are so excited to continue to establish relationships and community inclusion initiatives in the Fraser Street neighbourhood that we have been a part of for over 15 years.

Photos are of our Staff Grand Opening – June 6, 2017 & 2017 AGM – September 21, 2017

Our Programs & Services

Our programs include a continuum of housing, employment, education, advocacy, and community-based supports. The diversity of our funding allows us to deliver unique and customized services to individuals from a wide range of backgrounds in a variety of settings – from community reintegration programs for individuals under the care of the Correctional Service of Canada, to 24-hour staffed residential programs for individuals with developmental disabilities or on the autism spectrum funded by Community Living BC.

Our programs and services are developed in response to the needs to the people and the communities we serve, and the fluidity of our programs allow us to remain flexible to the changing needs of individuals and the local community.

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New Initiatives in 2017-18

Homeless Prevention Program

In April 2017, we were pleased to be able to introduce the Homeless Prevention Program!

The BC Housing Homeless Prevention Program (HPP) connects people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness with housing. The program focuses on the prevention of homelessness by targeting individuals and families who are Absolute Homelessness or At Risk of Homelessness due to crisis or transition, including;

  • People leaving the corrections and hospital systems;
  • Women who have experienced violence or are at risk of violence;
  • Youth, including those leaving the care system; and
  • People of Aboriginal descent

JHSLM Homeless Prevention Program (HPP) Outreach services are provided in the communities of Vancouver and Chilliwack, directly engaging people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness by working with them to assess their needs, assisting with personal goals, and connecting individuals and families with stable accommodation and appropriate services.

Read more about our HPP program here

Building Foundations

In April 2017, we were pleased to receive one year-limited funding for the creation of our Building Foundations Job Creation Partnership (JCP) project.

Building Foundations is a supported employment program which provided hands-on painting and drywall patching training and work experience for individuals who face barriers to employment. The program provides supported employment experience, with two main goals in mind:

1. To deliver high quality interior and exterior painting and drywall services for supported housing and non-profit organizations

2. To provide dignified and meaningful work experience for people experiencing barriers to employment such as previous incarceration, homelessness, and poverty

Looking to 2018 - 19

New programs in 2018-19

In the first few months of our 2018-19 year, we have been lucky enough to introduce two new programs which provide supports and services to individuals in our community.

Community Case Management and Supervision (CCMS)

Acquiring Community-Based Employment Skills (ACES)


Collaboration In The Community

This year – like every year – we relied on teamwork, collaboration, and communications to ensure that we were able to provide responsive, accessible, and innovative services to help improve the lives of the people and communities we serve.

By engaging and working closely with others – both within and outside our organization – we have been able to deliver a number of exciting projects & initiatives!

Celebrating the Amazing People That Make Up Our Organization

The work that we do would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of our amazing staff team.

Congratulations to our 2017-18 employee recognition award recipients! From our rising stars to our legends, our team is caring, supportive, and determined to provide the best advocacy and support for the people we serve.

Spirit of John Howard Award

Laura Speer, Reintegration Worker

JHSLM Awards of Excellence

Rising Star ☆Eric Mah, Controller

Champion🎖Jaylin Schiul, Community Living Outreach Worker

Legend 👑Pam Flegel, Regional Director

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Our Staff Team 2017 -2018

Aaron Carter
Aaron Kuhn
Acreen Lihanda
Adam Strider
Alanna Parker
Alexandra Benes
Alexandra Dohan
Alice Thuo
Amandeep Sund
Amitoz Khural
Amrit Dubb
Amritpal Saggu
Andrea Takasaki
Andres Anderson
Andrew Aveno
Andrew Forsyth
Andrew Sisson
Anna Andrew
Anna Czarkowski
Ashif Kabani
Asia McLean
Avneet Sandhu
Barry Skinner
Beata Bobyk
Bella Sebastian-Neufeld
Ben Marsh
Britt Stevens
Brodie Cairns
Buwan Dhanda
Byron Burbank
Caitlin Miller
Cameron McCue
Camille Cabatuando
Carlo Disini
Carmen Roig-Torres
Carol Hartnett
Catherine O’Donovan
Chay Usison
Che Williams
Christina Beaupre
Christopher Gustafson
Colin Fernandes
Colleen Egan
Colleen Wright
Constance Vince
Courtney Woolson
Daniel Fenemore
Danielle Smith
David Harrison
David Lee
Dean Pearson
Ebonie Friesen
Elaine Martin
Emin Dhaliwal
Emilyne Lingbawan
Emott Douglas
Eric Mah
Erik Gottschalk
Erik Marcu
Ethan Hait
Evan Matrick
Fay Day
Firat Gunay
Fouad Makrout
Freya Deedes-Vincke
Gabriel Wong
Gavin Mand
Hailey Kendall
Hanna Sookarow
Hina Yamauchi
Ian Brine
Ike De Vera
Jag Sidhu
James Crowe
James Stanley
Janet Rollins
Jason Yoo
Jasper Gandhi
Jessie Bhatti
Jaylin Schuil
Jeffrey Fung
Jenna Jakes
Jenni Martin
Jennifer Cupello
Jennifer Hirsch
Jessica Millar
Jessica Singh
Jocelynn Mcleod
Jodey Reeves
Jolene Bloomfield
Jordan D’Sa
Joshua Walters
Jyoti Duley
Julia Peressin
Julian Kok
Julie Eastwood
Justin Thorley
Karen Monterrosa
Karli Cole
Katie Osborne
Keely Simon
Kelly Yip
Kendra Walker
Kiran Dhaliwal
Komal Tamber
Krista Berndt
Kristina Jessen
Kristy Elliott
Krystal Bryant
Kuljeet Sandhu
Kyle Cervo
Laura Speer
Lesley Richards
Lifu Zhang
Lisa Owen
Lisa Wagner
Luba Vinnitsky
Lucy Byrne
Madinah Shaikh
Manpreet Dhillon
Manpreet Sandhu
Marc Domville
Marcel Gareau
Maria Baez
Mariam Amiri
Mark Miller
Marvin Laturnus
Mary Hopkins
Mary Veljacic
Meaghan Poland
Megan Kaila
Melanie Jarvis
Melanie Laycock
Melinda Epifano
Mert Kecik
Michael Bhatia
Michael Hall
Michael Hector
Michelle Eng
Nancy Argueta
Navdeep Bains
Navpreet Minhas
Nicola Mcguire
Nicole Csaki
Nicolle Frankard
Nigel Wong
Nikolai Darcy
Octavian Olaru
Oliver Najera
Oneal Mendoza
Pamela Flegel
Patricia Gilbert
Patricia Hughes
Paul Aujla
Pavan Pawar
Pete Austin
Petra Zelman
Poonam Dongriah
Rachel Groth
Rachel Hoi
Raelene Danks
Raman Khaira
Raman Saini
Ramil Tiu
Ranjeev Ahluwalia
Raphael Roman
Ray Harrison
Rebecca Ward
Reena Williams
Risa Yokoi
Risha Johal
Rishab Agrawal
Robert Pasion Jr
Robert Syms
Robert White
Robin Stead
Robyn McCallum
Robyn-Leigh Boechler
Ryan Lai
Ryan Mccormick
Sahara Chiang
Sarah Ferdinands
Sarah Meyers
Sean Bains
Sebastian Olaru
Sehar Saeed
Serena Slatten
Shalu Sharma-Bhumrah
Shane Leydon
Shannon Levesque
Shawnda Johnston
Sheralie Taylor
Sam Goundar
Shino Jose
Shiv Sharma
Stephanie Gill
Stephanie Marto
Sam Gill
Tanya Michell
Tarvinder Sidhu
Taylor Crevier
Teresa Allen
Teddy Chan
Timothy Morgan
Tina Vishwanath
Tobias Paton
Tomas Vrchota
Torrie Vogt
Trevor Szabados
Ushna Mian
Victoria Dalrymple
Vishal Kumar

In 2017-18, we were fortunate enough to have 26 volunteers and 16 practicum students dedicate their time and talents to the JHSLM and the people we serve

The JHSLM Volunteer and Practicum student program provides students and community members with the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and valuable work experience, while assisting and supporting individuals receiving services from JHS. Through hands-on experience and coaching, the program provides unique learning opportunities and specialized support to help volunteers and students achieve their learning goals.

The Volunteer and Practicum student program is an integral part of our organization, and we value the important role that volunteers and students play in the operation of our programs. It is through the enthusiasm, creativity, and passion of our dedicated volunteers and student that we are able to support our existing programs, enhance our service delivery, and explore new and innovative programs and initiatives.

Thank you to all of our dedicated volunteers and practicum students!

Click here to see the list of the amazing people who gave their time and talents to the JHSLM in the 2017-18 year 


Our Board Of Directors

We are grateful to have an amazing Board of Directors made up of community members who volunteer their time and expertise to the organization. Our board members generously support the organization and bring unwavering compassion and enthusiasm in their service to the individuals, staff, and communities we serve.

Thank you to our Board of Directors!

Tim Stiles Chair

Ryan Nash Vice President

Jayce Allen Vice Chair

Dan Muzzin Treasurer

Pat Alexander Secretary

Pamela Smith-Gander Past President

Carrie McCulley

Tyler Dean


Darryl Shackelly

And special recognition and thank you to our two retiring Board members – Ryan Nash and Tyler Dean. We are so thankful for your years of service and your contributions to the organization!

Message From Our Board Chair

“I feel so privileged to be a part of this organization… from a Board perspective, we want to play our role to maintain our performance – not for us, but for the people we serve – ensuring, to quote our newly updated Vision: A safe, healthy, and inclusive community for all”

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Our Executive Team

Message From Our CEO

“The theme of our reports this year is A year of Inspiration, Growth, and Teamwork – a statement which I feel summarizes our 2017-18 year perfectly From our continued focus on person-centered services and collaborative partnerships to our increased growth across the organization, we have had a busy but exciting year!”

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Our Funders & Supporters

Thank you to our funders and supporters, who enable us to pursue our mission and vision. We are so thankful for the dedicated support of our membership, donors, funders, and partners, who assist us in service individuals and our community. We can’t do it alone!

Our funders and supporters

John Howard Society Provincially & Nationally

This year we worked closely with our John Howard Society friends across the province and across Canada. From the John Howard Society of Canada national conference in Winnipeg, to national collaboration on the new CBSA Community Case Management Supervision program (through contract with the John Howard Society of Canada), we have been grateful to work with and learn from our John Howard colleagues!

We have also been working closely with the John Howard Society of BC and the regional affiliates across the province this year. A number of exciting new initiatives and province-wide programs are on the horizon, including the new Acquiring Community-Based Employment Skills (ACES) program which was rolled out by John Howard regions across BC in June 2018.

We are excited to continue to collaborate to share expertise, learn from each other, and work together to support the individuals and communities we serve!

Financial Highlights from our 2017-18 fiscal year

Our 2017-18 fiscal year was a busy one, with a number of highlights – including the sale of our 752/756 Kingsway properties and the final renovations and opening of our new Fraser Street Community Services Office.

Our total revenue increase by 12% from the 2016-17 fiscal year – this included expanded service in existing contracts, as well as the development of new contracts and revenue sources.

Moving forward into the 2018-19 year, our focus will continue to be on the long term stability of our financial position to ensure we maintain stability in our support of clients, staff, and the communities we serve.